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Angela Cowan-Williams, Founder

Angela Cowan-Williams

Before I began ACW Productions (Angela Cowan-Williams), I was trying to show my children the real meaning of Christmas, which his to give more than received.  I wanted them to give to those who were less fortunate instead of receiving Christmas gifts.  Ever since that cold Christmas morning, my family and I served warm chicken noodle soup, crackers and water out of my car.  It has  not only turned into a tradition but a mission to feed those who may be looking for a warm Christmas meal.  Each and every year, we have made it our mission to improve in any way we can.  My lesson that I was teaching my children turned into a blessing for others.  I may not have the funds to do as much but God has made it so that I was able to feed 200 plus people last year (2015) by providing me with donations from individuals who wanted to donate to the cause.  I have never looked for anything to come out of this but blessing someone who doesn't get to spend Christmas with a family and eat a warm meal.  Over the years, I have built relationships with some of the people I was able to help feed.  I have watched some who were homeless get of the streets and now doing very well  for themselves.  This was my ultimate goal, to be a beacon for God and help bless those who were less fortunate.  This is the best Christmas gift I receive every year, seeing the smile on someone's face because someone thought of them.  I am so appreciative that I could turn this Christmas tradition into something that we do all year around.  Doing this throughout the year may not be have been easy but it has been worth it.


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